Greg Reynolds

As a Co-Founder and CEO of The HelixTech Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Social Helix a 501c3, I have over 25 years of experience in building and leading innovative companies that celebrate and leverage REI-D (Responsibility Equity Inclusion and Diversity) for business performance and social impact. I am a visionary and energetic leader who understands the evolution of business in the co-creation economy, where augmented collaboration can transform your business leaders into a Business Prosperity-driven collaborative. By aligning businesses to systemic equity and core collaborative principles, I enable organizations to turn many into one, solve their most complex problems, and drive improved performance and brand effects, β€œBusiness Prosperity.”

I am a lifelong learner, equitable capitalist, systems thinker, designer, caregiver, and instructor. I split my time between Virginia and New York with my miniature schnauzer, Astor.