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Applications are now open! Join a Pride Team!

Through advocacy, education, and community service, our volunteers demonstrate the capacity of the creative, social, economic, and influential force of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies to effect positive change. Whether you want to volunteer year-round or for a specific event, your time and experience are valued and needed.


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Hampton Roads Pride Event Teams

The Hampton Roads Pride festival and event planning teams are now accepting applications from community members who are interested in long-term volunteer leadership work.

PrideFest Team Leads

If you are a natural leader and are interested in managing a team of volunteers, the Team Lead position is for you! As a team lead, you will take on the responsibility of supervising a group of volunteers to ensure the success of PrideFest. Gain valuable leadership experience, meet new friends, and collaborate with the Hampton Roads Pride Board of Directors and staff!
Click the link below to be directed to our team lead sign up form. Applicants will be contacted to discuss roles and opportunities.

General Expectations/Responsibilities for Team Leads

  • Be the primary contact for your team and act as the project manager
  • Attend a full festival team meeting with all team leads and members once monthly
  • Organise at least one team meeting per month, either in person or virtually
  • Make an agenda for your monthly team meeting and take notes
  • Maintain regular communication with your team members and follow up on any tasks they have been delegated
  • Regularly communicate with staff or board members about your team’s progress
  • Commit to checking your Pride email regularly
  • Commit to working between 3 – 5 hours per week on assigned projects and activities
  • Plan to commit up to 10 hours per week in the four weeks leading up to the festival.
  • Plan to increase your presence and commitment the week of the festival with your full presence required during the festival weekend (JUNE 23-25, 2023).
  • Team lead roles are well suited for community members who already have experience with volunteer leadership roles with significant responsibilities or for individuals with relevant professional experience

PrideFest Volunteers

Our PrideFestival returns this June. With many in-person events scheduled again this year, we need your help to make them all come together. Please consider signing up to volunteer with us!
Click the link below to be directed to our volunteer newsletter. 

To contact us directly about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please email us at: